Why am I so passionate about Kids Ministry? Because kids are so ready to love and so ready to be loved, and I want to teach them the truest love there is—the love of our Father in heaven. Kids hang on to every last word of a good bedtime story, adventure tale, or Disney movie, and I have the privilege and duty to teach them the most riveting, fun, passionate, exciting, courageous, thrilling, love story of all time—the story of our Lord Jesus Christ. How he came to save us, and give us a new life in abundance!

I want to help lead your kids to live extraordinary lives to honor and serve God with their whole hearts. We will help lay a sturdy foundation for them to become strong and loving men and women of God. I get to teach them how to love God and be loved by Him. That is something to be excited about and I get to make your kids excited about Him, every Sunday! I am so proud, privileged, honored and excited to walk alongside your child in their journey every Sunday in our Mosaic Kids Ministry.

Kids are so full of life and they are often so excited and captivated by the simplest and smallest things. I want to help them get incredibly excited about the most important thing in their life—their Savior, Jesus Christ. But my prayer is that they will learn how to keep that blissful excitement for the rest of their lives, about the small things and small moments, because God moves mountains through those small moments of faith. With God, every small moment can be made extraordinary, and every small person, every child, has an extraordinary purpose. “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:4