About Us

We are all about loving God and loving People

Our Story

Mosaic Church is about new beginnings -a new church and a fresh start for the future. Mosaic church launched in the Fall of 2017. Our story began back in 2016 when lead Pastor Iosif and Christin Hoca began to feel God leading them away from the church they loved to start a church in Kenhorst. In the weeks and months that followed, God began to open doors, stir hearts, and gather people in the community that would become Mosaic Church.

The Beginnings

Mosaic’s sending church, Glad Tidings Church in West Lawn, Pa. have been an integral part of the process in helping launch. Along the way Mosaic Church was introduced to Morning Star Fellowship in Bechthelsville Pa. As soon as Pastor Iosif met Pastor Steven and Liz Defrain and shared the vision of Mosaic Church, they believed in what God was ready to do in Kenhorst. In the next few weeks they became Mosaic’s parent church and led to a strong start of the church!

The story of Mosaic Church is one of big thinking, belonging, doing life together and loving. It is centered on Jesus. It is a story that does not settle, but looks to the future with hope. And it’s a story we want you to be a part of. Come join us Sunday at 10 am. We are meeting in what is known as Dance Expressions at 1540 New Holland Road in Kenhorst Pa 19607.

Our Values

We are Faith-Filled

We are faith-filled, big thinking, risk takers.

We do life together

We are about doing life together. The church is the hope of the world.We can do so much more together then apart

We reach people

We will do anything in our power to reach people who don’t know Christ. We will love God and love people that no one will love.

We live generously

We will lead the way with irrational generosity. More blessed to give then to receive

We are spiritual contributors

We are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers.The church does not exist for us.We are the church and we exist for the world

We have fun

We will have fun, laugh hard, and laugh often. Nothing is more fun then serving God with people you love

Our Team

We have a great team here are Mosaic and we are here to serve you. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.