Craig & Crystal

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Following God to a new place

We spent several years searching for a church, but we never found a place that truly fit until we found Mosaic Church. We happened on Mosaic church by chance and we immediately felt a connection. Every single person we met was incredibly kind and excited to get to know us and welcome us into the Mosaic Church family.
Sundays at Mosaic Church are amazing! They are a time to worship and have fellowship with a wonderful group of people. The music is beautiful and uplifting and every sermon is filled with passion, is thought provoking, and contains insight to carry with you throughout the coming week and beyond.

Another awesome aspect of Mosaic church is the Kids’ Ministry. The church utilizes a fun and interactive curriculum geared toward children of all ages. Every Sunday, our son gets to spend time learning and growing with other children his age and his teachers are amazing! They are warm, loving, patient, and dedicated. In addition to the Kids’ ministry, the church has a Mommy and Me group that meets once a week. It’s a chance for children to play together and for moms to chat and exchange stories and experiences.

One of our very favorite things about Mosaic church is that we are more than just a church that meets on Sundays. There are many opportunities to spend time and build relationships with other church members and members of the community.
Through our search for a church, we never expected to find one that would become family, but that is exactly what Mosaic Church is; a warm, loving, accepting family. If you are looking for a place to build a lasting and meaningful church relationship, I can think of nowhere better than Mosaic Church.